Electricity :
When you arrive you will need to switch on the mains electricity in the cupboard in the hall. Please switch off when you leave.

Airconditioning / Heating :
All the rooms have airconditioning which is controlled by remote – one per floor
Please do not leave the airconditioning units on when you are out of the villa – they are very effective and it doesn’t take long to cool down the villa when you return.
These units also work as heaters in the winter.

Hot Water :
Hot Water is provided through Solar Panels on the roof and should be sufficient throughout the sunny months. If not there is an immersion switch in the fuse panel box on the first floor landing – this only needs to be on for 45 minutes to provide enough hot water. THIS MUST BE SWITCHED OFF AFTER USE as it will burn out if left on.

TV /Satellite:
Ensure all plugged in behind the unit. Use the DECO remote unit to switch on the TV and then the Satellite remote to choose the channels / volume etc.

Washing Machine :
Instructions on how to work the machine are in the villa.

Fridge :
The fridge will be empty, open and switched off when you arrive – please leave it like this when you depart.

Gas Cylinder for oven :
The oven and hob works from the Gas Cylinder in the corner cupboard of the kitchen. You will need to open the cylinder by the level moving the lever on the top of the cylinder across before switching on the hob / oven. Please close the cylinder after each use.

Towels :
Towels are available for your use – please do not take when you leave. If you need to clean please use the Washing Machine.

Bed Linen :
All the beds will have linen which will have been cleaned before you arrive and will be cleaned after you leave

Breakages :
If you break anything please replace with something similar.

Cleaning :
The villa will have been cleaned before you arrive and will be cleaned after you depart.

Villa Information

Airconditioning / Heating
Hot Water
TV /Satellite
Washing Machine
Gas Cylinder for oven
Bed Linen